Burlington and Oakville Voted Best Place to Live in Canada

Best Place To Live in CanadaBurlington and Oakville were voted best places to live in Canada for mid-sized cities.

They were also voted Best City in Canada for Immigrants.  Calgary was also a winner in this category.  It is noted that Vancouver did not make the list.

Weather, jobs and infrastructure are some of the most important components of making a place desirable.  A low crime rate, good schools and support for families is also extremely important.  It seems the GTA has alot of these things going for it.

Cultural activities are also important so some communities received points for engaging local citizenry in the arts and in an active lifestyle with sports.

MoneySense had a slightly different twist on their poll and had Burlington in 3rd place and Oakville in 5th.

No matter whose poll you look at though, we can be proud that Burlington and Oakville are usually listed near the top.


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