Burlington Ontario Suburb and Halton Region has Low Crime

Burlington Ontario Crime

For a town of over 173,000 residents, Burlington Ontario is a safe place to live, work and raise a family. According to the Halton Regional Police Service, the reports of violent crime per year in all of Halton Region was only 386 in 2009 and there were only 1,729 property crimes in all of 2009 as well. There are a few break and enter crimes as there are anywhere, but Halton Regional Police pride themselves on quick response and also partner with Crime Stoppers of Halton to achieve a safe community standard.

The Crime Stoppers of Halton is a non-profit, non-police organization that encourages public engagement in crime prevention.   This organization has processed over 10,000 tips from the community since its inception in 1988.  Even local high schools are facilitating the use of the Crime Stoppers network to report crimes in the community.  By having each citizen be the eyes and ears of law enforcement, the unwanted element is kept at bay.

There are several common themes to teach kids to take a proactive stance against crime.

Teach kids never to talk to strangers

Know where your kids are at all times

Make a list of your kids local hangouts, friends and neighbors for easy phone access

Kids should always walk in a group or with a friend, never alone

When walking home from school, kids should take the best public path and not wander through forested areas or other shortcuts.

The communities of Oakville, Burlington and Ancaster are some of the nicest communities in the region.

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