New Immigrant Mortgage Canada

New Immigrant Mortgage Ontario Canada

Call a Mortgage Broker if you are a New Immigrant to CanadaCall a Mortgage Broker if you are a New Immigrant to CanadaIf you are new to Canada, getting the help of an established mortgage broker that knows how to help new landed immigrants is going to help you get financing sooner and possibly qualify for better rates.

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Once you have all your immigration documentation in order and are ready to find a home, getting prequalified is going to make shopping for the home more enjoyable as sellers will take your offer more seriously and you will also be able to search for homes that meet your pricing requirements.

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A new immigrant mortgage in Canada does not mean you can’t qualify for the best rates, you just need to be in contact with a mortgage broker who knows whom you can qualify with.  Your experience and income as a professional, a self-employed individual, corporate employee or trades person will count.  The consultation should be made by phone before you even arrive in Canada to help you gather all the necessary documents in your country of departure.

Typically residents to Ontario Canada may arrive from many countries around the world including the U.K., India, Germany, China, Australia, Phillipines, the U.S. or other countries.  A good mortgage agent can help consult you with setting up your credit and establishing Canadian credit upon landing in Canada.  A bank reference from your country may also help you qualify.  The first year is the most difficult after arriving in Canada until you can establish Canadian credit, but that does not need to hold you back if you need to qualify for a mortgage so you can buy a house as soon as you land in Canada.

For expert consultation, call Claire at the Mortgage Medics to help you. She has helped immigrants from the U.K. and many other countries land successfully in Canada and obtain the right financing as she herself was at one time a U.K. immigrant to Canada.



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